Product Profile

Technical advantages to benefit you


Universal range of application

îd-Technik Cable Clamps are designed for use in all outdoor and indoor locations where power cables can be installed. The Clamps are designed to withstand the toughest environments and are resistant to UV radiation and exposure to chemicals. Ambient temperature ranges and other significant characteristics are clearly identified on each product. We welcome all opportunities to consult with end-users in order to develop cooperative solutions for specific installation challenges.



Clear design, easy to use

All îd-Technik Clamps are manufactured from a special, high-grade plastic (polyamide). Each Clamp consists of just two parts: an top part and a bottom part, which are secured together by fasteners that also provide the attachment to the structure. The lower part can be pre-installed for ease of installation. Thanks to the versatile range of attachment options, Clamp installation methods can be easily adapted to suit local circumstances.

With nine different product series, short circuitproof clamping is possible for cables all voltage ranges with diameters between 12 mm and 250 mm.

Our Clamps are being used under the most extreme conditions.

In regions with extreme climates, such as deserts, the tropics, high mountains, polar and coastal areas. In temperatures as low as -60°C. In sustained temperatures of up to 120°C. Subject to cyclical load changes. Under salt water, in atmospheres containing ozone and with radioactive radiation. Exposed to mineral oils, fuels, salts, alkaline solutions, alcohols, hydrocarbons, ketones, ether and termites.



Easy installation

No special tools are needed to install our Cable Clamps. Any competent electrical fitter will have the necessary expertise.
îd-Technik Cable Clamps are also easy to reuse after renovations or temporary use.

You only have to observe the tightening torque to be used on the fixing screws to protect the fragile cables.

A system you can rely on.

Each of our Cable Clamps can accommodate a wide range of cable diameters. Along with overlapping clamping ranges, this prevents assembly problems if cable diameters vary. Clamp variability also minimises your stock requirements, as you can cover all possible applications for your cable system using a few standard types.



Maintenance-free, even after multiple short circuits

Restraint of cable movement and the preventionof cable system component failure during short circuit events is critically important for power cable systems. They must be able to withstand repeated short circuit events without sustaining damage and be immediately available for full operation afterwards, without requiring maintenance or repair work. We achieve excellent dynamic resistance thanks to the advanced design and construction of our Cable Clamps and by using a polyamide, which has been specially developed to meet these requirements.

This means that your installation can withstand a high level of dynamic forces.

Our Clamps are specifcally designed to restrain the high dynamic forces which develop within milliseconds and pulse at twice the fundamental frequency during short circuit currents.The large clamping area minimises the surface pressure and prevents damage to the cables, including in the event of a short circuit. Thanks to the special polyamide and the construction of the Cable Clamps, the tightening torques on the fixing screws are very low, thus avoiding any impact on the cable shape and construction.

Exhaustive testing at accredited test institutes has confirmed the dynamic resistance capabilities of our Clamps under realistic installation conditions and fault current levels.



More operational safety thanks to Elastic Inlays

Elastic Inlays are recommended for cables with an outer diameter of 60 mm or more. Our Elastic Inlays (EE) are designed to accommodate cable diameter changes resulting from variations in cable loading or ambient temperature. The Inlay compressibility prevents excessive pressure being applied to the cable jacket, avoiding jacket deformation or other types of jacket damage.

By increasing axial retention, they allow cables tobe fixed precisely and securely for the long-term (from 120° to -60°C) and enable the absorption of weight forces, especially on cable ladders and vertical surfaces. The Elastic Inlays balance out the vibrations that occur in wind turbines, for example, without reducing the retention forces. They also permit the use of cables with a smaller outer diameter, as the Clamps’ clamping area is expanded.

Elastic Inlays must be placed with the ribs parallel to the cable. To assist with installations on inclines, series K, KT, KS and KP Cable Clamps can be supplied with the Elastic Inlays fixed in our factory. This includes cutting the Elastic Inlays to size. To avoid negative impact on cable retention, Inlays should only be fixed by îd-Technik. Inlays must not be fixed to the clamp using glue, silicone or paste during field installation. Any installation where inlays have been fixed using adhesives of any kind on site are not protected by our warranty.


Safety thanks to certified quality

îd-Technik Cable Clamps are type-tested by accredited test institutes for the highest classification to the international standard IEC 61914.

Since 1998, our quality management system has regularly been certified to the current version of standard DIN EN ISO 9001.



Sustainability and environmental protection

The excellent material in îd-Technik Clamps is non-toxic, not harmful to health, fully recyclable, self-extinguishing, low-smoke and zero halogen (LSZH). It is compliant with directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS) and regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006 (REACH regulation). Furthermore, it is non-metallic, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant. It does not interact with the cable’s electromagnetic field.

Unlike metal clamps, no additional polymer coating or similar is needed to protect the cable against mechanical damage.
Our Cable Clamps do not need to be earthed.