Series KT



Fastening of single-and multi-conductor cables for high short circuit forces

unrestricted application indoors and outdoors

For cables with outer diameters of:19 mm to 39 mm
Mechanical resistance to short-circuits:25 000 N
Max. torque for tightening screws:5 Nm



Dimensions in mm

Type DØ DØ* DØ** L B l dØ H1 H2 h a
KT 25/39 25-39 22-36 19-33 107 60 65 13 46-60 55-69 27 15

DØ: range of outer cable diameter     DØ*: ~ with one Elastic Inlay     DØ**: ~ with two Elastic Inlays

Application with Elastic Inlay

  • as secure fixation of the cables and absorption of forces due to the weight of the cables at vertical sections in any height (wind turbine generators, masts, shafts)
  • as extension of the clamping range for the fixation of cables with smaller outer diameters


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