Assembly notes

General assembly instructions

In the following instructions, step by step descriptions are provided for the installation of the îd-Technik Cable Clamps and accessories. It is important that the sequence of the assembly steps is adhered to, without any deviations or changes. Only employ trained staff.

Important: For an appropriate use and to guarantee an optimized installation all components, such as Cable Clamps, Elastic Inlays, cables, trailing cables etc. need to be clean and dust free!

Liability and warranty

The information shown in these assembly instructions describes approved methods for safe and proper handling of îd-Technik products. They incorporate the requirements of applicable industry standards and regulations, as well as state-of-the-art cable support and restraint developments and the experience gained by îd-Technik through many years of assisting in a wide range of cable system applications.

It should be noted that the illustrations are not drawn to scale. These assembly instructions must be read in their entirety and fully understood before starting any work! The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage and malfunctions resulting from the use of non-approved installation methods.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes to the instructions.

The special Elastic Inlays must ONLY be inserted into îd-Technik Clamps, not fixed, with ribs facing the cable and running parallel to the cable.

Intended use

The operational safety of the îd-Technik products is guaranteed provided the products are used as intended. In order to ensure optimum performance and avoid hazards, these products must not be modified, extended or changed in any manner without the express approval of the manufacturer. Any use of these products other than in the manner described in these instructions is prohibited and is considered to be improper use.

îd-Technik GmbH and/or its authorised representatives are not liable for any claims resulting from improper use of the products. The operator alone is liable for any damage or injury caused by improper use of, or changes to, the products.

Changes to the products

In order to avoid hazards and to ensure optimum performance, the products may not be modified, extended or changed if not expressly approved by the manufacturer.

In order not to jeopardise the retention, the Elastic Inlays should not be fixed. On-site fixing with any form of adhesive (eg. glue, silicone or paste) and / or use with third-party products will void the warranty immediately.