Assembly instructions for BE Series Downloads

Selection of fastening material:

Material and corrosion resistance:
The choice of material for the fasteners is dependent on the installation environment and operating conditions (e.g. galvanised, stainless steel, etc.), strength grade 4.8 - 8.8

Fastener diameter:
depends on the Cable Clamp (table: metric screw thread [M])

Type of screw:
depends on the substructure (e.g. hexagon screws, T-head screws, rod threaded, etc.); not included in delivery

Fastener Length:
to be determined by the customer, depending on the number of stacked BE-Clamps, cable dimensions and type of substructure

Application with Elastic Inlays:
for vertical fastening of VPE cables we recommend the application of Elastic Inlays, for more information contact îd-Technik, please. On-site fixing with any form of adhesive (e.g. glue, silicone or paste) will void the warranty immediately

List of individual components BE Series:

Cable Clamp type* Outer diameter of cable Metric screw thread (M)
BE3 50/76 50-76 mm M12
* A fastening unit consists of 2 pieces BE.

Alternating, tighten nuts with an appropriate torque wrench. Do not use self-securing/self-locking nuts, this prohibits a defined tightening torque.
Tightening Torque for more rows: 8 Nm

Only flat washers may be used. No spring or snap rings!

It is essential to respect the specified tightening torques, especially for the upper part, to guarantee perfect and reliable functioning of the cable installation for the long-term.**

** Contact îd-Technik for trailing cables (EPDM, rubber, etc.), please.