îd-Technik – Cable Clamps for Every Kind of Power Cable

We are an electrical company developing and distributing fastening material for all types of single- and multi-conductor high, middle and low voltage power cables.
Since 1977, we deliver our Cable Clamps into more than 100 countries worldwide. Our customers include large German and international electric corporations and cable manufacturers as well as public companies, smaller municipal works and energy supply companies. From the beginning onwards, the best advertisement for us was and still is the high quality of our products accompanied by our reliable performance.
The good international reputation of îd-Technik is also based on our expertise to assist you in specific application problems. We find solutions by adjusting our products to your requirements or by developing new and innovative concepts.

The Idea

Our Cable Clamps are designed to fix, retain and support cables. It is absolutely necessary to adjust the fastening of the cables to dynamic short circuit forces. In case of short-circuit faults, correct clamping will keep the cables in place during the fault and enable the circuit to be restored once the fault has been repaired. îd-Technik Cable Clamps are designed and manufactured to ensure the safe fastening of cables, particularly during short circuit faults.


During the design and development of the îd-Technik Cable Clamps, one major aspect is the mechanical resistance of our clamps during short-circuits. Numerous short-circuit tests with currents up to 180 kA were successfully accomplished in order to prove the stability.
With the choice of material, great emphasis has been set – besides the chemical persistency – on a lifetime of more than 37 years.

Product Range

îd-Technik distributes Cable Clamps for every power cable of all voltage ranges (1 kV to 765 kV). The diameters range from 24 mm to 250 mm, however, with our Elastic Inlay it is possible to fix cables with diameters down to 19 mm. îd-Technik provides Clamps for fixing one cable (single- and multi-core) as well as Bundling Clamps for trefoil formation of single-core cables.

Fields of Application

îd-Technik Cable Clamps are developed for indoor and outdoor operations with no restrictions. Our Clamps are used under severe conditions:

  • in areas with extreme temperatures like deserts, tropical climate, high mountains and coastal areas
  • under cyclic alternation of load
  • under radioactive radiation
  • in ozone
  • under water
  • under exposure to oils, fuels, alkalines etc.



îd-Technik applies a Quality Management System, which is regularly certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
We continuously improve our products further – therefore our clamping systems have the highest quality you can get.
During the last 37 years no failures or impairment of any îd-Technik cable clamp occurred!


We offer fast and reliable delivery of customary quantities due to well sized stock.
Our engineering department supports you with assistance for any issue regarding fastening of power cables.