The original

îd-Technik is the original

For over four decades we have been engaging in the subject of short-circuit proof fastening of energy cables. In the 1970s the paper-insulated lead-sheathed three-conductor cables got replaced by XLPE-insulated single-core cables. The resulting requirements for the short circuit proof fastening of energy cables could not, or only with high constructive and cost-intensive effort, be met by the clamps commonly used by the market in those times. Besides the thermal design of the cable cross sections for operation and in case of a short circuit the dynamic short circuit forces of the cable connection had to be considered to ensure a reliable operation of the cable system for decades. Already at that time Klaus Dörrstein, the founder of îd-Technik GmbH, was engaging in the project planning of cable systems. From the necessity to develop Cable Clamps which meet the requirements of the cable constructions, the possible installation conditions and the short-circuit forces the for more than 40 years well-proven and reliable Cable Clamp series from îd-Technik were created. îd-Technik is thus the first manufacturer worldwide, who designed short-circuit-proof, universally applicable Cable Clamps made from a high quality polyamide. With IEC 61914 type tests and our regular ISO 9001 certification we guarantee you a maximum of safety and quality.

Also in the future you can rely on the proven îd-Technik quality.


Dr. Janine Dörrstein