The worldwide market leader in polyamide Cable Clamps

îd-Technik Cable Clamps – for universal applications

Maximum resistance to short circuits for all voltage ranges and under the most extreme conditions

Usable anywhere îd-Technik Cable Clamps guarantee the safe and reliable transmission of electricity in over 120 countries. They secure power cables under the most extreme conditions – in the heat of the desert, the cold of the poles, in aggressive chemical environments, on and offshore.

Across all product ranges, from high voltage to low voltage, each of our products is built on the same philosophy:

  • Anything that is designed for the toughest applications and uncompromising short circuit resistance must be usable without ifs and buts and must prove its reliability over decades
  • Certificates and continuous testing confirm this unique îd-quality. Throughout our many years in the market, we are not aware that any îd-Technik Cable Clamps in use have failed or become defective

Superior short circuit restraint for cables comes from our continuing design and development work

îd-Technik Cable Clamps are 100% Made in Germany including product design, raw materials and fabrication. Our product range benefits from our wide-ranging expertise acquired through 40 years of cable clamping experience.

We are an owner-led technically focused company with an uncompromising goal of providing complete technical solutions for customer requirements. This traditional business philosophy ensures that there is never conflict between short-term business goals and our obligation to meet customer expectations. When it comes to technical perfection and quality, we do not compromise.

Our Cable Clamps are also used in your industry

Worldwide, our customers include major electrical companies, cable and switchgear manufacturers, installation companies, energy suppliers, utility companies and manufacturers of on and offshore wind farms. Beyond the energy industry, our products ensure reliable electrical installation in all sectors, from the transport industry, through chemical companies, to the mining, oil and gas industries, machine and automobile manufacturing and in cable, train and road tunnels.

You can therefore rest assured that our product portfolio already contains a solution that will cater to the particularities of your sector and the associated requirements. If not, we will sit down with you to develop a tailored solution that suits your needs. It is this combination of a comprehensive range of services and personal consultation that has made us into the global market leader in polyamide Cable Clamps.

Electricity always takes the shortest route – and our products do, too

We understand that the delivery of Cable Clamps can be critical for project schedules. We prioritize our delivery capabilities and pull out all the stops to ensure you receive your delivery quickly and directly – on the agreed day, at the specified location specified in 120 countries around the world.